Support for students

Our Bursary schemes range from £180 to £1,200 per year and are intended to be used to meet costs associated with a young person’s Education Programme at the ERC Leighton College. Examples of things the bursary can be used for include:

  • Books and study material travel to and from Elfrida Rathbone Camden or a work placement. Clothing and equipment to help a student attend a work or volunteering placement or interview.
  • Additional courses to support a student’s learning programme at Leighton College

Bursaries do not have to be repaid as long as you have a 90% attendance rate. You may also qualify for Free College Meals. For more information please contact our finance manager, Chris McAuley at or on 020 7424 1621.

Contact: For more information about Leighton College please contact the Education Manager Sousan Luqman via email  or 020 7424 1617