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Young People For Inclusion Training Courses

Disability Awareness Training – ‘Don’t Dis Our Abilities’

This course aims to provide basic disability awareness training to staff, volunteers and service providers.

By increasing their disability awareness, participants are better equipped to provide quality inclusive services for disabled people.

The training is solution-focused and YPFI will offer support with relevant issues and advice on best practice.

Prices for DAT training run on a sliding scale as below

Voluntary organisation£250
Statutory organisation£300
Private organisation£350

 Please get in touch to enquire further as we will take into account the specific needs of your organisation.

PACT – ‘Physical Access Attitude Communication Training’

Young People For Inclusion’s PACT Programme aims to improve the accessibility of services that disabled people use.

The long term aim of PACT is to provide disabled people in London with services and organisations that they feel confident accessing, promoting choice and inclusion.

Organisations that work with us to pass their audit will be issued with a PACT Pledge. Your details will be added to our online database and you can promote your new status with local media coverage, promotional material and online content.

Prices for a PACT assessment are available on a sliding scale as below:

Voluntary organisation£200
Statutory organisation£250
Private organisation£300

Please get in touch to enquire further as we will take into account the specific needs of your organisation.

SUPA – ‘Speak Up 4 Positive Action

Young People For Inclusion deliver workshops and guidance to young people on subjects such as debating, advocacy, and presenting skills.

This training programme follows a similar development pattern that YPFI members themselves follow. By giving the participants training we help to boost their skills and give them the confidence to speak up on issues important to their lives. The training is designed to enable them to feel they can make a difference and that their voice can be heard.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can quote you a price for SUPA training.

Who we work with:

We have worked for many organisations over the years, these have included:

London Youth, The Roundhouse, Volunteer Centre Camden, The Islington Museum, Active for All, Queen’s Crescent Community Association, Camden Council, Kilburn library and many schools and colleges.

What our customers say:

“The help, support and advice from the team at YPFI has been amazing.”

“Along with providing thought provoking training for our staff & volunteers, they also helped us to see that big improvements could be made to our accessibility with a little imagination and a tiny budget!”

“It opened up my eyes.”

“It made us evaluate the reasons why a section of the local community might not feel able to use our service.”

“They are full of honest enthusiasm! Too often people get caught up in complaining about what is not working rather than trying to find a solution. Young People for Inclusion are able to see the shortfalls and do something about them, which is refreshing! I worked alongside them in different projects and always found them a very useful and powerful voice. They would not only tell it like it is but they would also take matters in their own hands and effect change.”

YPFI aims to stay in contact with organisations who receive their training to build enduring and positive relationships. By delivering these training programmes, Young People For Inclusion hope to improve the lives of disabled people and increase inclusion in London.

Please contact YPFI to discuss your requirements:

E-mail: ypfi@elfridacamden.org.uk      Tel: 020 7424 1601

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