Tribute to Catherine Capaldi

We are very sad to share the news of the passing away of Catherine Capaldi who was known by so many people as a campaigner for access and inclusion in Camden and who fought so hard to make people aware of the issues affecting young disabled people.

Catherine was known by many people as a friend and because of all she did to help develop services in Camden. She was one of the founding members of Young People for Inclusion and was for several years a trustee of Elfrida Rathbone Camden. Catherine also gave a huge amount of her time to help organisations like LB Camden Youth Services, The Hive and DISC in their work.

Catherine was “quietly immense” in all that she did and achieved and she will be missed by everyone who had the privilege of knowing her. Some of her friends and ERC are thinking about ways to celebrate her memory and huge contribution to improving the support available to service users. We will be setting up a memorial webpage where we would welcome thoughts and memories of Catherine and later in the year if circumstances allow we hope to hold an event where people can come together to remember her.

In the meantime if you would like to contribute anything to the webpage about Catherine or if you are affected by her passing away please contact Alexis Keir, ERC Director, at or 07917 193 697.