Update on services

7th April 2020

Dear Families, Children, Young People, Service Users and Friends of Elfrida Rathbone Camden,

All of us at ERC continue to send our thoughts and best wishes to you as we all cope with the stresses, worries and problems caused by the Coronavirus emergency. I also wanted to let you know that in whatever way we can we will try to continue supporting you and our local community. Elfrida Rathbone Camden services continue to work to provide support to our community even though we are having to work in different and sometimes more limited ways. Our relationship with everyone who uses our services is at the heart of everything we do and I want you to know you can let me or any of our staff know if there is anything else we could do or that you might need: alexis@elfridacamden.org.uk / 07917 193 697

I wanted to give you an update on our services – I know that you will understand that these may change at short notice because of present circumstances:


Now our office is not open every day as staff are working from home but all staff can be reached by email and voicemails will be checked every day. OUR OFFICE LINE IS: 020 7424 1601

Email: info@elfridacamden.org.uk

Leighton College

The Government has asked most schools to close to help limit the spread of coronavirus. However, they have asked schools and colleges that provide learning for the children/young people of keyworkers or children/who are “vulnerable” continue staying open to meet the needs of learners wherever possible. 

Vulnerable children/young people include those with Education, Health and Care Plans and we initially stayed open so that a few learners  could come into college. However by the last week of term we reached agreement with the families of all Leighton students that they would be supported by the College staff whilst staying at home. Leighton College staff have tried to provide students with a range of interesting and engaging learning activities and we will continue to offer some support through the Easter holiday.

The first day of summer term is on Monday 20th April and before then we will be watching government updates so that we can make a decision about whether we will reopen the college for learners to come in. Sousan Luqman our Education Manager will be contacting all students and their families to check how you are managing. Some parents of a Leighton student may feel that your young person needs to come into college. Please do not send them in without contacting us first – we may not have enough staff available to provide a safe learning environment for them. Please first contact Sousan Luqman, Education Manager,  on 07887 542403 / sousan@elfridacamden.org.uk  

Family Support Projects:

  • Families Together
  • HS2 Family Support Services
  • Community Connectors
  • Creative Therapies
  • Better Relationships for Stronger Families Parenting Programmes

At the moment all the staff on these projects if they  are still working have been asked to work from home. We will be staying in touch with families and parents and offering advice and support whichever way we can. Project workers will explain to you directly how they will support you.  We will still take new referrals although there may be delays in responding to them based on the staff we have available and visiting restrictions. If you want to discuss the support available or have any queries please contact Paul Dunn the Family Support Services Manager on 07917 735455 / paul@elfridacamden.org.uk

Other community support:

We are actively exploring how we can support our local Camden community during the COVID-19 crisis and hope to find new ways to help. We will keep this page updated but as stated above you can contact me direct on 020 7424 1601 / alexis@elfridacamden.org.uk

COVID-19 Daily Care Card

You can print these Covid-19 Daily Care Cards and use scissors to separate the cards. We see this as a great self-care resource to help us keep in a positive routine in these tricky times. You can stick it on your fridge each day, or share with your children and family.

Alexis Keir